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Learn more about all the services we provide. Southern Illinois Eye Care offers our patient form s online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office. Upon graduation, he married his wife Bernice E. Fitzgerald in Chicago and immediately left to serve four years in the Army as an optometrist. Read More His education began as a passion for vision research and neurophysiology at Purdue University. Gibson also completed a hospital based residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tacoma, WA for ocular disease and low vision rehabilitation. Have you ever wondered what your eyeglass prescription says about your vision?

Worried about floaters? Find out when this common vision symptom can be a sign of a serious problem. Why do I need to see an eye care provider? When these conditions are discovered earlier rather than later, they become easier to treat or manage, allowing for better long-term preservation of eyesight. Ophthalmology addresses the physiology, anatomy and diseases of the eyes. Pediatric ophthalmology focuses on the eyes of children.

Training for Pediatric Ophthalmologists Pediatric Caused by the same irritants as hay fever, runny nose, coughing, and sneezing, eye allergies commonly affect those who suffer from other allergy symptoms. Not only do eye allergies cause discomfort, but they can also interfere with daily activities.

Eye Allergy Causes Medically referred to as allergic Learning disabilities may include dyslexia, math disorder, writing disorder, auditory processing deficits, or visual processing deficits. Although each child with a learning disability is unique, many also have associated visual problems. Addressing these vision disorders may alleviate some symptoms Optometry warnings about the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation on our eyes have not yet reached the degree of public awareness of that of skin damage.

Yet, the sun can be just as damaging upon our eyes with unprotected exposure. Short-term exposure to very bright sunlight can result in a type Spooky novelty contact lenses can make your Halloween costume even scarier, but are they safe? The cause for Fuchs' dystrophy is not fully understood. If your mother or father has the disease, then there is roughly a 50 percent chance that you will One of the leading causes of vision loss in people who are age 50 or older is age-related macular degeneration AMD.

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This common eye condition leads to damage of a small spot near the center of the retina called the macula. The macula provides us with the ability to clearly see objects that are straight Would you like to switch to the accessible version of this site? Go to accessible site Close modal window.

Don't need the accessible version of this site? Hide the accessibility button Close modal window. Accessibility View Close toolbar. Insightful eye care. Request Appointment. An Eye on the Future. The TVA is a government-owned utility formed in that provides power for 9 million people in seven Southeastern states. But in decades past the TVA relied primarily on coal, so in the s through s it bought coal deposits to be sure to secure enough fuel.

At the time, it seemed like a great deal. One hundred thousand dollars was a huge sum in those days. And coal mining was regularly done below farmland with little impact on the surface. But a lot has changed since those days. For most of the s, coal in Illinois was extracted through room and pillar mining, wherein columns of coal are left standing underground to support the surface.

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Now Illinois operations typically use longwall mining, wherein a massive machine chews away whole seams of coal and lets the ceiling collapse behind it. This method causes widespread subsidence, wherein panels of earth sink by up to six feet, cracking the foundations and walls of houses and causing water to pool in depressions created in the land.

William Richardson, 86, figures he is one of only two original Ewing Northern Coal Association board members still living. With the money he added a room onto his house, which now displays 10 heads of deer killed by his sons and grandsons. Richardson pulls out a crate of small black journals labeled by year, recording his daily activities for decades. But today, he and his wife fear being forced to sell the land where they farm corn, soybeans and wheat, and stable the beautiful buckskin mustang that Dale adopted from the nearby wild horse holding center.

Some of the wood is local walnut he cured by soaking it for months in his pond. Dale Richardson said a Sugar Camp representative told him the coal mine needs his land for a railroad spur. Cox visited or contacted Dale Richardson numerous times trying to pressure him to sell with the threat of a forced sale hanging over the conversations, Richardson said. He said Sugar Camp representatives have multiple times threatened to take him to court to enforce the terms of the agreement in order to pressure him to sell parts of his land for wells and a railroad to serve the mine.

The Millers have so far refused. Miller said Cox promised Sugar Camp would compensate them for the damage, but only if they agreed to sell land. In the early s, U. Steel also bought up Illinois coal to power its steel mills, which have now largely closed as the steel industry moved overseas. Sugar Camp representatives have invoked the U. Since , Sugar Camp has been leasing the mineral rights from the company RGGS, owned by Texas oil tycoon Russell Gordy , with the provisions of the archaic deed applying to both companies.

The letter said that if Cox did not hear from the Webbs by August 19, the company would give notice of its intention to enforce its rights to claim the land.

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Webb said there is no way he could replace the lost land with the price Sugar Camp is offering, because there is little land available for purchase and taxes would consume much of the payment. Sherman Browning was born in and has lived on his farm since In he married Sue, who also grew up nearby, and whose father had signed the TVA deal.

They list multiple friends who have had to move after selling their land to Sugar Camp. Browning figures the house he and Sue live in is probably safe since it is right between the railroad tracks and one of the mine processing plants, and he doubts Sugar Camp will want to mine directly under it or acquire that parcel.

Few people in the area oppose coal mining.