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They're speedy, they have higher-quality apps than competitors, and the hardware lasts for years. Today, they're also on sale. Apple doesn't run discounted sales on its own website, but since it began listing more products on Amazon last autumn, it has used or allowed the retailer to toy around with larger deals more frequently than usual. Best Buy and Walmart have also been discounting Apple products at what feels like an accelerated rate lately. This week, a few different iPad deals are floating around. Read our full iPad buying guide to learn which model is best for you. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

Read more about how this works. Walmart also has the deal. If you download a lot of apps, offline Netflix movies, or use your iPad as a camera I hope not , the storage may really come in handy. I tend to use my iPad as a receptacle for tons of offline downloads on Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify when I travel. If you're the same, the extra storage is definitely worth it on long trips. The newer model has the more rounded smaller bezel look. This is not as powerful but it's still very competent as a tablet and it's unlikely you'll see a difference unless you're doing intensive work on it.

Graphically this is still more powerful then the iPad air 3 as far as I'm aware as they use the A10X. The X variants of the processers have more graphics cores as the larger tablet body can dissipate heat now efficiently. I believe that what I just said is accurate but I might be wrong. I bought a 'used, very good' condition 64gb iPad pro It came and I can only describe it as pristine!

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I was even able to check the battery cycles with a Windows program and it's only I paid GBP for mine and think I was very lucky! It works when I'm a guest but not with my main account. Anyway, thanks The code doesn't work for me for some reason. You add it as a "voucher" code, right? Just ordered so hopefully will be all good. Think anything will be better than current iPad 2!! I checked it has 1 year Apple Warranty. When you set it up it also gives you the option to buy 2 years UK apple care at the usual price. It's a legitimate US Ipad, so they must be shipping them over.

It has 1 year Apple Warranty and it even gives you the option to buy 2 year Apple care in the UK when you set it up. They provide a UK plug converter for the apple charger. The iPad is a global icon. Its striking appearance is matched by streamlined processing power, excellent technical support and a dazzling array of apps and games. Customers can get hold of the latest version of this cutting edge tablet by checking out the iPad discounts on offer at hotukdeals today. The rise of the iPad has been astonishingly fast.

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The tablet was only released in , but by over million had been sold worldwide. Since its first launch in , Apple has rolled about several new generations of the iPad. Each new update includes a leap forward in terms of computing power and functionality. The original iPad was followed by the iPad 2 in After that a new iPad model came out in early that is not called the iPad 3 and consequently this was succeeded by the iPad 4 in late Theses iPad models are now no longer available.

Then came the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. The iPad Air was first announced in as a mid-size model with a bit processor. Its successor iPad Air 2 was announced in , alongside the iPad Air 3, and both featured a big speed and memory upgrade. In and early respectively, the iPad Pro and the updated version joined the line and are still in production.

The first iPad Mini was introduced in , followed by the much more powerful iPad Mini 2 in , the iPad Mini 3 in and the iPad Mini 4 in As of , there are four basic models of iPad to choose from in the UK market; the flagship and top-of-the-range iPad Pro, the slimline iPad Air 2 and the compact iPad Mini 4. All of them have their strong points, so take some time to find out what model can satisfy your needs.

The iPad Pro is the most advanced model in the iPad series with an A9X chip with bit architecture and an M9 motion coprocessor that are comparable to modern desktops and high-end laptops. The first iPad Pros were available in two sizes; a However, with upgrades on both pros, these two original pros were discontinued. For the second generation iPad Pros, Apple freshened up the Both their rear and front cameras were also improved to have megapixel with quad-LED True-Tone flash and 7-megapixel with Retina flash respectively.

Several accessories were made specifically for iPad Pros, such as Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, Smart Screen Cover and the keyboard cover which we will discuss in the accessories section. These additional accessories are a great tool for anyone who works in the creative industries, or for casual artists, film-makers or photographers. The size of the screen and storage makes the iPad Pro suitable for watching TV or movies, providing up to GB, the highest storage for iOS device, and letting you store not only your documents but all the pictures and videos you want.

Adding compatible stereo speakers can also enhance your experience. The Overall, as a unique fusion of a conventional PC and a tablet , it will be a godsend for artists and remote workers who need a creativity channel on the move. This fourth generation product of Apple was announced and released in , replacing iPad mini 3.

These specs can seem impressive for a small tablet but they can also make it more sluggish and less powerful than the Air or Pro. Its Retina display has a laminated surface and a resolution of x pixels that look virtually indistinguishable from the iPad Air 2.

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This model is compatible with iOS 9. The iPad Mini 4 comes in the colour set of grey, silver and gold and currently only available in GB of storage. The models that followed the popular iPad Air 2 when it was discontinued are iPad and iPad However, this model was also discontinued with the release of iPad , officially the sixth-generation iPad. The iPad comes in the colour set of space grey, silver and gold and is available in 32GB and GB of storage options.

Camera and Graphic Tools — For many people, the graphics capture and processing capabilities of the iPad range are its most attractive feature, and the iSight camera is at the heart of this feature. The iSight camera is featured in all of the models discussed here and is able to capture both crystal-clear photos and p HD video footage. Along with the camera itself, iPads also feature advanced chips in the A8 and A9 range that have image signal processors built-in.

These allow for efficient facial recognition, helping to keep people in focus when taking your snaps. Another feature of the iPad range is the FaceTime HD camera that allows users to speak to other people anywhere in the world. The most recent generation of iPads has taken this popular feature and refined it, offering better resolution and performance in places with low light levels. Photographers and movie makers will also benefit from the laminated Retina display on the latest iPads.

The reduced glare and clarity of Retina allows them to function as exceptional view finders when setting up a shot. All that the user needs to do is set up a shot and press the record button, a great tool for nature lovers in particular. All three of the models available have slightly different features, and the level of processing power descends from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air and down to the iPad Mini.

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The iPad Pro comes equipped with an A9X processor, featuring a bit architecture which puts the tablet in the same league as modern desktops. The A9X processor departs from many conventional chips with its high level of energy efficiency, ensuring that the iPad Pro is cheap to run and good for using on the move.

The Pro also features a graphics processing chip known as Metal, which has been designed to deliver console-style gaming. The iPad Mini 4 includes an A8 chip, which is also second-generation bit hardware. Again, the A8 represents a quantum leap forward compared to earlier Minis, with 5.

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Other newest Apple products like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also feature the A10 processor. Battery life and charging — Apples iPads are mobile tablet devices, so there is no escaping the need to charge their batteries every now and then, despite their relatively long battery lives. All four currently available devices, two different size iPad Pros, iPad , iPad Mini 4, have incredibly strong battery life that serves up to 10 hours of surfing on wi-fi, video streaming and music playing and up to 9 hours of surfing on cellular data, if that is what the iPad you purchased.

You can easily charge them by connecting its USB to power or other computer devices. One of the best known is Siri, an online assistant who provides suggestions relating to what content you might appreciate and how to get the most out of your device. The iOS on the newest iPads is also geared toward multi-tasking.

Features like Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture are designed to allow users to flick between their apps and run audio, graphical or video editing software seamlessly. The iOS system is dynamically updated by Apple as and when new versions are launched, and there is no need for users to do this manually. All updates are free and can be downloaded by iPads as soon as they are available. For many home users or people on the move, their iPad will primarily be an entertainment tool, and all three varieties of iPad have features to enhance the audio-visual or gaming experience.

Finding iTunes via iOS is easy, as is purchasing and downloading your favourite content. Apple has also made several entertainment accessories available for their iPad range, including their EarPod headphones and wireless speakers. Other firms like Beats By Dre have been licensed to sell their products via the Apple Store as well, adding high quality headphones and speakers to the mix.

The heart of the entertainment experience is the range of apps available for the iPad.

Apple has also launched their AppleTV service, which features original content, the assistance of Siri to find recommended content and the ability to link your iPad to an HD TV. Gaming on the iPad is also becoming increasingly popular and viable, thanks to the technology included with the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2.

Every month sees more console-quality action and sports games becoming available, alongside more basic Flappy Birds-style offerings. Accessories are also appearing — as well as apps that allow you to use an iPhone as a joypad to play games on your iPad. For example, an app called HomeKit allows iPad users to control aspects of their homes such as lighting, appliances and security locks.

Health apps allow iPad users to monitor their diet, heart rate, sleeping patterns and blood pressure, and link people to expert medical information. At the same time, iPads are becoming widely used in education, both as teaching tools for teachers to get their message across, and as homework aids for pupils. Apple has also launched a collaboration with IBM to produce MobileFirst, a networking solution for businesses that puts all employees in contact with each other and clients via their iPads.